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From Maria Irrera:

Merry Christmas! My husband is beside him self with joy! He is out in the snow target shooting when he should be making his mashed potatoes! What a work of art... Absolutely beautiful!!!! Attached are a couple of photos for proof. Thank you Mike.

From Jason Theunissen:

Mike, I received my armguard in the mail today... all I can say is wow! I don't usually send follow-up emails to internet sellers but I really had to let you know how impressed I am with your talent and craftsmanship. Thanks for the beautiful work... I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

From Greg Moore:

I am sorry i took so long to send you this much deserved thanks, a little while back my wife screen name KichnWych,( Lori ), ordered for me the small 4" quiver in your product line. NOW!, i have to tell you sir this quiver is to me PERFECT!, If i were going to make a quiver for myself and if i were a leathersmith,which i am not!, your style is exactly how i would dream to do it!,The leather is very soft and supple,and once on, stays put!,the dark color is just the way i like it!,Your attention to detail is right on the mark!,I just love the 4" size because i seldom carry any more arrows than that and the softness of the leather helps to keep it quiet!.
I know i started to run away there but, in closing, let me just say that by looking at your workmanship you are a true archer and the passion you have for it shines through in the products you craft!

From Bernard Dunn, N.C.

     It's noon and lo & behold the mailman brought my armguard from Mike.  I just couldn't have perceived just how special it would be.  It's even better looking and professional than the picture on my web site can show.  The extra piece in the "possible string slap area" is greater even than it appears to be.  The hookup for fastening / adjusting it, is so well designed and working that the "easy on / easy off" bit mentioned by bayoulongbowman Marc could never be overstated.  I'm gonna love that part.  I am totally impressed and am sure I will be enjoying this piece of "artwork" for many years to come. IMO I am not exaggerating one bit. Thank You Mike.  Any shooter who doesn't have an armguard they are completely overjoyed with, needs to look into the "Hunter" by Mike, I'm serious.

From Bruce:    Chaparral Archery

       Hi Mike.....Just got home from Mexico and had the armguard waiting.  This is one really fine piece of leatherwork......Thank You very much.
I reversed the cinch as you suggested and found that worked best for me.
I really like the ease with which it goes on and can see how nice it'll be when adding or removing items like a jacket during a hunt.

From Jeff Swango, Tuscon AZ

       The arm guard arrived yesterday. I tried it out with my Chaparral and it worked great! Easier to use, very comfortable (hardly knew I had it on), lightweight, soft but durable. The word will be spread around these parts. Thanks again for the quick turn around and a terrific product. May be ordering another soon as a spare to have in my other quiver

I received the quiver on Thurs night! Wow what a wonderful piece of craftsmanship. This could truly be defined as functional art and is exactly what I had in mind - even down to the contrasting colors in the leather. It has the look and feel of something made with care and built to last. The copper and brass fasteners are a great idea and compliment the overall design. We are on the same wave-length in appreciation of 'older - retro' styles and I'm honored to have the first model in this particular line. The pouch concept should be appreciated by many.

The attention to detail and quality of materials is far above and beyond anything else out there and would be worth it at twice the price. You have a gift and I feel fortunate to have made your acquaintence through Bruce Baughn. Without question or hesitation you will have ALL of my future business with regard to archery related leather goods. Thanks again for all of your hard work and effort. I'm very glad you are there and look forward to meeting you in person someday soon.

Jeff Swango - Tucson AZ