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Armguards are 100% handmade and stitched. There are many styles available. Sizes for women, youth and children. All Armguards can have either the Draw Cord or the Stretch cord by request....
And of course, since cows (and thier hides) are unique, the color of your armguard may vary from the ones pictured.
Latigo Hunter Armguard 3DB Armguard
The Latigo Hunter is made from the Santa Ynez Latigo top of the line leather. This Armguard is for the Traditional Archer who demands the top of the line.
The Latigo Hunter uses the stretch cord attachment just like the 3DB Armguard, I just add a little more length to the stretch cord so you may adjust it to the fit over the thickest hunting jacket....
I also added a notch at the top to help with the Armguard fitting a wider range of people, while still holding down a lot of sleeve while hunting....
"As one customer said, this has to be as near perfect as a Armguard can get"

Same great look as my drawstring 3-D Armguard, but with stretch cord instead of draw cord, so it's easier to put on and take off! Try one!

Upgrade to Latigo for $30




3DB Latigo

Hunter Armguard 3-D Armguard Children's Armguard
A sleek clean design, made with the hunter in mind. It covers plenty of arm, to keep the sleeve away from your string. It has plenty of air hole to keep the arm cool, with an easy on and off draw cord. The 3-D is just a little brother of the Hunter, with all the same great styling and craftsmanship and a slightly shorter length that some shooters prefer. The Child's Armguard is a simple design, sized just right to grow with them.
To last them awhile. And at a great price too!
$35 $25 $12.50