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String Bag
My version of a String Bag.
The M.A.L. String Bag is actually large enough to put a String in. It is 4" wide and 7" tall with a nice snap closer and a tie strap on the back. And of course it's 100% Hand made and Hand stitched....


String Bag

Leather Bow Grip Kit

Bow Grip Kit

(3) pieces of 5"x7" Leather, Assorted Colors

(3) 40" Pieces of Thread

(2) Harness needles


Pocket Quiver
Going out for a quick couple of shots?
Then take along my Latigo Pocket Quiver. Holds up to 6 arrows. And like all of the products here at Mike's Archery Leather it is 100% hand stitched


Pocket Quiver

Pocket Quiver with Pouch Attached

Pocket Quiver with Pouch Removed


Pocket Quiver w/ Pouch

My pocket quiver with pouch is made from Santa Ynez Latigo leather and, of course, it is 100% hand-made and hand-stitched. It's a nice little combo to have in your Back Pocket while out stumping or roving.
The Pouch is removeable for the quick romp in the back yard.

Hunter Series Pouches

The Hunter pouch is a great companion to the Hunter series Quivers. Dimensions for the Hunter Pouch 9" long & 4" wide & 1 1/2 "thick. This pouch has a pocket under the flap which is a great place to hide your extra string, the right side gusset also is doubled to make a nice place to put a 6" mill file. The Hunter pouch attaches to the Hunter series Quiver by two leather laces, and the pouch has a belt loop also, just in case ya want to wear it on your belt and of course it is hand stitched and laced. The pouch will fit any Quiver that is laced up the front. 
Leather Hunting Pouch - Open

Leather Hunting Pouch - Closed

Leather Pouches
Leather Pouches



Water Bottle Pouch

This is my Water bottle pouch, It holds the standard 16.9 oz. Water bottle. Like all my products it is 100% hand made and hand stitched. 
Leather Waterbottle Holder

Leather Broadhead Sheath

Latigo Leather Broadhead Holder

Great for carrying a single arrow close at hand.


String Keeper

Keeps your string.
A nice add on to your order.
Hand stitched with a nice bone bead. 
Leather Stringkeeper