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About Mike

Well now that I have a web site, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Mike, born and raised here in the central valley of California. I served in 2 branches of the military, Army 1971-1974, and the U.S. Marine Corps 1975-1978. This is about my 4th year in Traditional Archery. I still remember my first shoot at the Lodi Bowman's Cartoon Classic, let's just say I finished at the other end of 1st........ The same shoot a year later, I would have had 3rd. But, I registered as a guest so my score didn't count.

Not long after that, I started making traditional archery gear. What got me started was paying high dollar for a quiver and not getting what I wanted. So I decided, I'll just make it myself!

So after a couple of years of going to shoots and setting up my booth, my leather craft has improved to where it is today. Here I am on the Web!

Please browse around and make yourself at home. I'll be more than happy to create a Quiver or Armguard for you, My Friends in Traditional Archery

Thank You, Mike