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The Hunters Series Quiver

This is sort of a throw back to the traditional quivers of old.......with just a hint of uniqueness and character of their own. A nice 22"+ deep quiver with a generous and comfortable 2" wide strap. When crafting the Hunter Series Quiver, I create each one as if I were making it for my best friend, and I am--My Customer. I like to incorporate the natural edges found on a hide whenever possible. And I like to mix and match the colors and textures of the leather as well. This way each Hunter Series Quiver will be unique unto itself.

4" (Small) Quiver 6" (Medium) Quiver 8" (Large) Quiver Quiver w/Hunter Pouch
Traditional Leather Quiver - Small Traditional Leather Quiver - Medium Traditional Leather Quiver - Large Quiver with Pouch
This is the one I personally use, the one that started the
Hunter Series.
It can comfortably hold 8 arrows.
This is a great size for a days shoot or out roving with friends.
This is the top end of the
Hunter Series Quivers.
It could hold enough arrows to restart the Battle Of Agincort all over again...
It has a uniquely shaped bottom all it's own.
You can buy one of my Hunter Quivers along with a Hunt Pouch for a great field setup at a nice savings. 4" Quiver with Pouch.
$105 $125 $145 $145

Youth 4" Hunter Quiver  
Youth Quiver Quiver Construction Details
Same quiver as the grown ups just a little shorter. Comes in 14" 16" 18" deep.
Specify depth when you order.
I would also like to draw your attention to the bottoms of my Hunter Series Quivers.....these bottoms are some of the best in the business, they are smooth, nice fitting and flat. They are also double thickness to safeguard against broadheads.

The Diamond Series Quiver

These are made from the 8" (lg) design. There are 2 styles. These quivers are 100% handmade & hand stitched.
They have a uniquely designed bottom and have a nice double layered strap. Overall a nice Traditional Quiver.

The Diamond The 3-Diamond
Diamond Quiver 3-Diamond Quiver
$155 $165

The '50's Series

These quivers reach back to those classic days of Bears and Pearsons.
A timeless design, with or without pouch

'50's Quivers '50's Quivers w/Pouch
Classic Style Quiver Classic Style Quiver with Pouch
$155 $195